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  • World Premier: The 610 HP BMW iX M60i

World Premier: The 610 HP BMW iX M60i

Following on the heels of series version, BMW has unleashed the most potent form of the iX yet – the; 2022 BMW iX M60i. This is the second electrified M…

Q&A With BMW Leadership About The Future of Electrification

As BMW embarks on a transformation of it’s product offering, it’s leadership sat down for a Q&A to discuss that future. From range anxiety to charging infrastructure. O F F…

Mercedes EQS Is One of the 2022 World Car of the Year Finalists

The Mercedes EQS luxury electric sedan becomes one of the finalists of the 2022 World Car of the Year awards. We will find out … The post Mercedes EQS Is…

Mercedes SL Pro Mod Drag Car Is A Must-See Build

While we know that drag racing and Mercedes go hand in hand, this Pro Mod 500 SL is beautifully built and worthy of admiration.

Mercedes Announces Pricing for the 2023 C-Class Sedan

Prices for the entry-level Premium trim of the C 300 variant start at $43,550.

Alexodus the Greatest World in the Universe_The Fall of Law

Science Fiction Fridays Alexodus The Greatest World in the Universe Unedited A3 – The fall of the law The times were changing. Joshua had create this V.R.-Virtual Reality World. Which…

Alexodous The Greatest World in the Universe_ The Collapse

Science Fiction Fridays The Collapse of the Old world.(unedited) Chapter A1 The year 2019 Theirs a great plague over the land. The world is on notice. Nobody really cares as…

Conspiracy or Not? Fill in the Blanks with Live Shells from the Beach.

UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES Stand Down — Pump the ABS!!! BRAKE. Yes! revolution (False). Planned Collapse of World Powers. This is a Cyber WAR!!! Biotechnological WAR! Hidden under a Cloak(MASK)…

C_ovid Breakdown _ CHESS NOT CHECKERS

Covid 19 Breakdown(part 1) A bully tells you  they will do whatever right in your face. Breakdown what’s right in our face is C.O.V.I.D 1.9. Replace the C with a…

Alexodus_The Greatest World In The Universe

SCIENCE FICTION FRIDAY I have to take a Break from this circus.What I decided to do was talk about a make believe world. A World inside the Earth. Where you…