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Autonowreck is the future! Autonomous Wreck waiting to kill you.

Automated Trucks are Safe?

Really, ok

Once the driver force is depleted for auto pilot.

When this computer malfunctions and kills a family of four or 25  people. Who is going to jail? The company, manufacturer, or engineer? Remember fully Autonomous no driver to send to prison.

When the truck has 300k miles on the odometer and the equipment starts to fail due to wear and tear… How is the computer going to handle this problem.

Human Behavior is not all the causes of accidents, ask any professional driver right now? A million and one reasons why a Truck can go off the path.

The roads are in terrible condition. How is a Computer going to handle a road that is not really in great shape. Like the side of a mountain where the rock slide has blocked the road in the middle of Montana Mountains?

The computer can handle a lot of great things. But what happens when the signal goes out in the middle of the sierra mountains and the truck loses its brakes going down a downgrade. loaded with 80k pounds. at 7%. What happens to this truck? regardless of who is driving?

How can you replace the experienced driver with a computer programmer that has never drove on the road?

Who is responsible when one of these trucks systems fail? Who?

This is the real question of the day? If you expect the CEO of Walmart to go to prison for the failure of a computer system that he has been promised to not fail. How do you guarantee the owner that this will never happen with 80k pounds of weight traveling on any platform that is developed.

Who actually is going to pay out these millions of dollars when something goes wrong? Liability(there will be no one who will take the stand and own up to this event when it happens.)

The first and only thing a professional driver thinks about is the safety of every other vehicle on the road. Our drivers are the safest humans ever to drive behind the wheel. Trains, planes and trucks engineers are absolute in there duty to keep our roads safe. They are the first and only line of defense when situations arise out of nowhere.  The computer has no behavior at all. They are programmed by a human which does not and has not ever delt with any situation on the battlefield.  GOOD LUCK!!! There goes all your profits out in a lawsuit. Telsa is not fully automated. Therefore the driver is responsible. In the event of a accident.

You can discredit all the drivers in the world. Wipe them off the face of the job market. But the real question is, ” who is going to jail when that 80k pounds goes out of control?”

I’m going to be a Lawyer!!! An Autonomous Lawyer will be a billionaire!! in the near future!!! Owners get your check book out!

They will not buy one truck because of the risk!!  Good Luck!!!

My advice to all of you fools who are attacking the professional. Stick to building APPS and stay out of the transportation business, because the first time something goes wrong, you will be out. That is what drivers face everyday. They  take on that responsibility knowing that if  a half a mistake is made,  it could be all over. Are you ready to take on that kind of load in your life? I think not. So leave the truckers alone. We know how to build back. Computers cannot do everything. You just want to make a dollar. Your not thinking about safety. Your Full of SH%^$EE it. if you think  a CEO will be liable for your autonomous failure!!! That is billions of dollars…. BOSS.

That is the end of that idea.

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