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Emergency Landing


Mar 10, 2022

Jumping In today. Full power to the throttle.

We have leveled the 747, and regained control of the malfunction. We are not losing as much altitude  as before. Not so much as a nose drive. Pulling up on the yoke.

What happens at high altitude? The oxygen gets tight. We have to use gas mask to breath. What if I were to tell you its a gas produced by your AC in your plane that can suck the oxygen right out of the air? Could that be possible? If I were to tell you that you could not detect this at all. But It can be done. Method number 1 one. Everything is fine. No everything is not so good. So lets get the air back together by opening up a door. Switching your ceiling fan(s) on. And dropping the Air temp so heat does not rise. If we are in Nevada just open the doors and windows. Lets check the systems- doing this for a couple of minutes of day. Now it is a slow build up with this mystery gas. So it can be neutralized rather quickly. Usually 20 minutes and you can go regain your lift. You feel a little whizzy? Tired? Warn down? Angry? Mad? Jumpy? Confusion? This what happens when the plane malfunctions. Remain calm.

Tight.. things are getting tight. So what this can do is trick your brain into submission. Phycological war-fare and persuasion can be very effective at this altitude. Now we can mitigate and see and hear what is actually being programmed into your mind.(pilots says its just a little turbulence) So our passengers are being turned into gumbo, and freaking out.
We turn up the oxygen to restore cabin pressure. Now we have stabilized the aircraft. We look for safe landing maybe a parachute. We can make a reasonable decision to counter the hidden proxy attack. Now who did this to my plane?

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Your Plane could be your home ,car, office ,trailer ,camper, garage etc. Air getting Tight?


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