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LETTER :To all my Children


Mar 6, 2022

To all my children –   This is your Daddy. I look up and ask myself how? How did I let my kids get so confused. Where did I go wrong? Whatever your doing. Do the opposite. If you are trying to gain attention, its because your daddy was not there. Its my fault. The love for you has always been at my heart. I just could not tell you that I Love you. My gosh I know its serious. You are serious. You mean more than the world which has forced you to grow up all alone. When your pappa should have been there to teach you how to be a man or woman. Single parents coming from single homes spending single dollars. In a Cingular world that has you trapped in a cubicle box. Your tattoos are stamps of somebody else’s art. The marks of snakes and flowers and prowlers that hunt and eat other animals. Same love sex, is the traps of hell. The passion without pleasure. Like being stranded in the desert. I’m suppose to be there to tell you, no your much better. I was not even close enough to see the true talent of my creation. The pain drives nails in my feet. Hurts to bad to see happiness of you not being in my life. Its your creator, your daddy, your dad ,your father. I just hope the skills that I blessed you with, will carry you through to dominate whatever you choose to do in life. My mistakes are not you. Your not a mistake, I brought you in this world to survive and rise. I had to give you my blessing. So you can make it through the war. I promise to come see you. If you promise not to ever give up. Know that your pops is with you always. One eye on the 3  on the clock. Don’t ever stop. Your bigger, better, and more wise than the rest of your friends. Be nice and polite, always say h3ll No!! to the bull crap. But stand up for the stars if not nothing else. The 3,6, and 9 will guide you. You fly high. Look up and not down. Beware of everything that is around you. Play hard. and win. Stay away from the Big headed monsters pretending to be human. They will eat you like a pie after dinner. Learn something new everyday all of your life. Do not ever stand alone, but be like a wolf in the pack. Guide the light and take off in flight. Its your daddy. To the world which is lost in lies and pain. I left you some blood from my vein. Take off on that eagle wang.

Love Always



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