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True Healing


Mar 4, 2022

Hey Mary Jane!

The Legalization of weed is a big topic. The money made from weed is major bucks. Now the most money made is not off the sale of this product. The money is made through drug testing and arrest. I recently reviewed this because of a article I read. Because of this article; I wanted to know why is weed such a big deal? Its a Plant. This plant was brought to America by the early settlers from Mexico. Apparently the government wanted to banned this substance to detour the migration of Mexicans. But it could not be banned. In fact weed was totally legal all the way up to the Nixon administration. Do you remember the Vietnam War? Well Americans started to protest against the war. The hippie movement was born. Its was all about being free and earthly and healthy. The main pleasure that the hippie’s loved was the weed. So Nixon made this product illegal for America moving it to schedule I on the drug list. Now this was done to break up the hippy movement and protest(PRO-TEST) against the soldiers coming home from the war. The Soldiers were treated very poorly when they came back home. The country was against the war and rebelling against the US Government. So NIXON made there primary love banned.  This is what made weed so illegal. Now here comes Regan in the 80’s. He had started a campaign against drugs and drug use. The weed was a major part in igniting his plan against drugs. The drug test(PRO-TEST) was created just for Regan. Weed was in fact one of the test  created in 1983. Now it was one problem they did not know how to test this drug. In fact there is no test that can tell how much weed is actually in the body. Meaning the test was fake. The study’s had not been done. And the research was incomplete because weed was schedule I(BANNED) just like cocaine. The scientist could not do the testing and research because of this. So they came with a piss(urine) test that actually does not really test for weed at all. Rather it test for a metabolic which the human body produces naturally. This was the biggest scam ever dropped down on the people. This test did not test for THC, weed, or any drug!! Rather it reads the levels of the  metabolic in the human body. which is just your natural process in the body from what is called  receptors. When these receptors are activated the metabolic is released in your urine. This was the money scam. Regan made it look like he was making everybody safe when he was just making money. Everybody was getting rich. Especially the Lab companies. So they came up with this test and made it mandatory for all Government Employees and encouraged all businesses to use this test for the detection of weed. Remember they do not have a test to detect weed even today!. Weed  processes naturally in the human body. Then they destroyed weed by making it a monster, discrediting the plant.  The Discreditation  was all for money, profit, breaking up the hippie’s in the late 1970’s and to promote Regan’s war on drugs. Totally Fabricated as a tool for standardized testing. The test absolutely tests nothing. It does not mean anything. It just says that your body’s receptors are turn on rather than off. When these receptors are turn on , your body automatically goes into repair mode. Thus making people feel better than they ever felt before. This is why the early Mexicana settlers used weed for a medicine. When you think weed has somebody high, it just means the body has shutdown for maintenance. Repairs are being done naturally. Of course this is not what the people say today. The country is spit weather weed is Good or Weed is bad. The overall population feels weed is just a party drug. It does way more than start party. It has the power to save your life. Right Now. Cancer, diabetes, and much more healing has credited power of healing from this plant. Big Pharma is running around placing patents on the strands of the weed. Trying to buy out the industry. Most of the money drained from insurance comes from medical treatments that just do not seem to work. Only after the medical science profits billions. Take Cancer as an example. Radiation treatment is like placing a person in a nuclear reactor which we all know kills everything. [The number one cause of death in America is medical malpractice(Hidden from the people)  So if they say weed has no medical relevance. This is  why the medical professionals wears the logo of a two headed snake on their uniform. ] The reason is because they already knew that weed destroys a cancer cell on contact. They will not cosign because C_MOE treatment is a cash cow. People usually drop with-in a short period of time from this type of treatment.(usually one year) I guess all you have to do is walk into a nuclear plant and there’s your treatment. Thanks to a WAR. we might not ever know the truth of True Healing. Hidden from the people all because this plant made a person feel too good.  They can’t have us walking around happy and healthy that is a no no. They  Ain’t saving nobody.

God has spoken.

Click Here For the Documentary. The Gods created this to back me up. Yes All credited!!  Thank You Very Much.

John K. Webster
Paul Armentano
Mike Barnes
Calli Blackwell

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