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Alexodus The Greatest World in The Universe_Freefall


Mar 4, 2022

Science Fiction Fridays



A4 – The Freefall 

I was thinking today. I started thinking about how everybody and how things change so quickly.  I was thinking what is it? Its a waterfall. A landslide. Its when we are doing great one day. Then out nowhere a great change occurs. We see it happened in real time. All through our lives. The famous actor, athlete, music legend, dancer, superstars, local workers, neighbors, family, friend. The best and most talented mountain climber slips and falls from one pebble rock. The race car driver that won 10 championships in a row, car blows up ,flips, rolls, crash. The movie actor charged with a felony. The famous guy on TV hit by snake bite. He was an expert with snakes. The circus mans get eaten by his pet lion. Whoever and however it goes down. The one second could be your last second no matter who you are. By chance we all get a chance to spread our wings, but instead we go into what I call a FREEFALL.

The Freefall is when things seem to be wrong, worst, and not getting better. We wake up in a state of shock everyday. We know we have no clue what is going to happen this hour or the next hour. We are spiraling down into a bliss of confusion. Words cannot be counted. The time seems to not matter. The days rush by like a blur in the bi-focal. War erupts and we never know why. We lost our career and we don’t know how it happened. We lose a loved one and they were just talking to us a hour ago. Now they are gone forever. The company gets bought out, and everybody get fired. We doing one thing today, and tomorrow we can’t even find yesterday. The Freefall.

I flip through the T.V. channels watching everybody on the news network, casually speaking about some of the worst events that happened in history, but it happened last night. They smile and go on to the next story. The pain from a killer virus, Then one day its like it never occurred. This is because we are in a freefall and we cannot understand how fast the Universe is moving. We are in a Fall from deep in outer space. We are unable to detect a Black Hole. Falling like rain drops on a sunny spring day. Down pouring on to the pavement. The light is so bright but when we close our eyes for a second everything seems like nothing happened. Then the eyes open back up and its a blackout for just half second. Then back to life we go. Its a Freefall.

For a moment we seemed to be floating in the air. Reaching out to something and someone. Grasping for what seems to be a white light. But we cannot seem to move the body. Like a force of locks all over our bones. Just floating when we realize that we have no control. The scenery is a endless drop like when a airplane loses its engines at 40k feet. No Power. The eagles come to help. Then they feed on your flesh, but it is just a dream. We wake up just in time to tell our wife that were fine and nothing is wrong. First person, second person, or was it our third person? Who am I? This is the Freefall.

Make no mistake about this freefall, on the other side, is what we thought life was all about. This is a suspension not from your employer, but from the 4th Dimension and above. Its a high level of consciousness. Its life before and after death as we experience our last breath. We are here somewhere in a world that has a time limit with no time and no clock. If you check your watch it does not work. The second hand does not tick. The hour hand does not move. We are stuck in a time frame of a minute with infinite amounts of seconds. This is the Freefall.

Some of us are walking and pretending that we are alive trying our best to make the clock work. I just chill and enjoy the ride. Hello my name is Joshua and you just entered The Greatest World in the Universe. Do not ever remove your head device. You can only enter one time. If you exit, you will never be able to log back in. The Virtual Experiment has begun. E-JOY

The Freefall



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