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The Invisible Whip & Chain of 2022


Feb 28, 2022

The Invisible Chain & Whip

The Slave Trade ended in 1865. The end was the beginning of a new form of slavery. The magician comes to the stage for act two. He shows a free man. This free person in 1865 is all the sudden free. But he/she has no land ,food,  water, medicine, home, or family. All they have is the land which he walks on. This land has owners. The owners have the right to revoke his presence. So the owner says the man can stay, but he has to work for his home, food, water, etc. Well the Freeman was doing this already. But he just did not have a civilized path connected to the work. So he still had to slave harder than ever before as a free man.
Now in 2022 if I were to say that the shackle is still in effect. The whip is still cracking across the backs of the free men. We wake up everyday and they have created a new and improved whip. The chain is already attached to the leg. The 2022 freeman walks around free. Free with limited mobility. The free man today can do whatever he wants. When it comes to work. Piss in this cup please. Crack the whip. We need to study your Urine just to make sure you not consuming the wrong things. Oh that is control of your mouth. That is called a muzzle. A device to control one behavior. So they pull the free man over on a routine speed check. The officer says I need you to take breath test to make sure you do not have any wrong things in your body. Crack the Whip. Now the Free man has good time with a female. They say well we need a test for any wrong things in the body. Crack the whip. Now Co-v-id is in the air. They say we need another test to make sure no wrong things are in the body. Crack the whip. Now the free man goes home and in the mail box he receives a letter from a credit place, that says we need to run a test on your financial history because we heard a lot whips cracking. We just want to make sure we do not have to raise the rate because of that chain wrapped around your leg. The free man says sure whatever you say. Now the free man goes home to his House to find out that chain and whip has made him very tired, and needs to rest so he can get out tomorrow and be free again. Whips still are cracking all over the land. Press Hard Three copies. So a educated man says I have a degree. In the mailbox he has a fee gaining interest from the 1989 earned degree with interest. Still the whip cracks. It has been a far easier the master to set his slave free than to adopt the words of slavery. The invisible Chain & Whip makes the MAN richer than ever before. The 2022 cloud tricked every user to forfeit all of there data and give it away for free. Upload please. The Invisible Chain & Whip strikes again just like before 1865. Crack.

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