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Feb 26, 2022

Well… we see an invasion from Russia. What else do we see? The Z spray painted on all the Russian Vehicles. I know this. In America that means territory. That means a Gang Sign. This is a symbolic message. Z maybe for Z-lenski. This might be a Take-Over of the Russian Government. I can’t understand why Putin would put his whole leader status in jeopardy. He knows that this will remove him from his role. Turning N.A.T.O and the world against him. Not Russia, just Putin. Could Putin be in trouble? Could the Government be under COOH? Right Now? Think Further Chess. See what you cannot see. Why? is Question. Think Chess Not Checkers. The Z is the clue. Could this be Ukraine and Russia moving Together or coming for the World? That would be Genius . Right? Make everybody think feel sorry for Ukraine,  then turns on the people in a bad way. End results is WW no matter how it starts. Can you see? Its looks like America is under attack. Its looks like they are coming this way . In fact that is what is going down. Secure the Border . Or else Americans will not be able to stop them when they come. Think about it… Chess not checkers. There coming right now. Z is running this. He is asking for weapons ..  Putin is  not not really firing a whole lot. They are building up the army. Using our weapons.  This is not what we think. Hold your position. Stand Down. USA. No more weapons sent in. Lets see what they will do? Lets play it to left. Prepare for war. Ukraine is the front. God Bless USA and World. We counting on you to make the right move. We think they have already joined forces. Russia and Ukraine Equals Z. Ukraine is NOT ON THE NATO TEAM. they are just as if it was China, or Russia, but USA is not responsible for anything in Ukraine. We should not be sending nothing into a Zone that is more Russian than any or nation. That is like sending aid to the Enemy. Promise you they will not destroy this land. That is Bet. I’m calling Bluff at this point.



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