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Then it was a Great Flood_Ukraine flood the roads


Feb 25, 2022


Flood the land with the water.… on all main roads in.. Tanks will sink in tundra…. You have more troops… on ground. Jam the Air waves with 5G…. then the radios will fry … .. Water; you have the Black Sea!!! Now get to it…. before they brings more troops in….  you can pluck them off one by one… At ease soldier…. Now Russia is 1.5 dimensional…  instead of 3!!  Sting Em!! Hard!! in the Air.   And they Jolly Green giant Falls!!!  Water … Water Water Water Water on ground MUD MUD MUD… Stuck Stuck Stuck. UKRAINE ATTACK BACK!!! NOW!!

That is a Order…

Instead of trying to blow up the enemy. Fill your rockets with water. Shoot at the roads and sink the Tanks. And vehicles so they cannot make the journey into the Capital. Then you can use Air Strikes to finish them off.

That is sections or traps to stop the tanks. By the time they figure out how to move forward.  They are under attack. and fighting to live. Turn the tables around. 40 miles stretch. 2mile(trap) every 20 miles blockage with water maybe some oil… Will completely halt the invasion Now they have to go through Air(only)


Its Baby Blue……..

At ease Soldier….

Special Report from: ©Plt8k.net Moderator venting from Cabin Fever!!!

WIFI it out.(turn your 5G radio ON!)use 5.4ghz

God Bless Ukraine!!! Remember the word proverbs 31:3/ The Word is not the same as your religion. Its solid as a rock. No Matter What We think our Faith Is.          O!!!! Dats Check Mate! mate. (This my thoughts through the divine powers that be in me. Thank You!)


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