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Riddle me this


Feb 25, 2022

I know you think I feel I know everything. Truth is I just have more questions than answers for other people. One of my questions that I cannot understand is why do Americans feel so safe and confident when we really should be trying to find out why its so easy for dollars to fall out our pockets.

Riddle me this. America says we have the Greatest Economy. True. But If China sides with Russia and China takes Taiwan then controls Japan do not forget S .Korea. China has America in its pocket. Who is winning the power control? Why do we say America is in the pockets of China? Because We have no Manufacturing other than Airplanes and go juice. All the parts come from overseas. True? The few Manufacturing are dependent on the parts and materials which we do not produce in America. America does great with a smaller industries which solely depend on import/export from mainly China/Japan/Taiwan. Somebody help me out with this. How can even N.A.T.O claims protection for anybody when they(the BIG3) can starve us out without firing one missile. We have the greatest actors/entertainers/musicians in the world. America controls the media. We have big Churches. We have the NF(EL) and NB(AYE). We have great venues. Big Cities… What do we really have. Service Industry that is flooded with immigration. We have a bunch of over paid corporate bullies that leverage the profit from importing for cheap over the sea labor. Import/export. China or anybody else knows the truth. The truth is you treat your own workers like slaves. Paying your workers less than the poverty level. when the cost of living is rising. Now how are we not dependent on china? or the Eastern regions. Apparently we have a problem with Canada also. Now somebody help me understand why we are so safe in America? Why do we think or feel America will not be attacked. Can you understand my question? Why do you think all the stores have empty shelves. In a matter a days all the stores could be empty. This is because we import everything. So my questions riddles my cerebrum. Guess I have to make a song about it. I’m not worried. Everything is wonderful.

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The New Variants turns your nose into Super Glue(Man Made) Stay Smart and WIFI it out.(turn your 5G radio off!)use 2.4ghz

God Bless America! Remember the word Proverbs 31:3/ The word is not the same as your religion. The word is solid as a rock, no matter what we think our Faith Is.    O!!!! Dats Check Mate! mate. (This my thoughts through the divine powers that be in me. Thank You!)


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