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The Empire Strikes Back.


Feb 21, 2022

Michigan. ([Sup?] I saw the clip. From the rip of the tip. Reached out to get the handle of the vice grip. Powered up from the hip. The lightening bolt strikes quick.)  The first that comes to mind. Its was sunny outside. Then the storm came. The clouds moved in and temperature dropped. The wind blows vigorously. Buildings fall down. Did I just walk through a tornado? What just happened? I’m thinking I’m going to die. FEAR. The fear causes us to run for shelter. We always find that individual which feels he/she can take on the storm. The Hero. We all want to be a hero. There is no victory against the storm. This storm circles in the MIND. When everything can defeat you.[Your]Our Mind can defeat ourselves before the storm even arrives. In the small space of your brain. The eyes, nose, ears and mouth are connected to the MIND. So all 9 senses can directly effect and control our mind. The mind controls the body. When we feel fear. Do we actually feel fear? Does the mind trigger fear? Can a small sound, color, smell, or taste. Trigger Fear. Can a hypersonic low decibel sound wave, cause humans to react in a certain way? Can a color or light flashing trigger our mind; something deeper in the brain? History and Science may agree with a yes. Maybe that is why we wear sun shades. To block the mind control. The music controls your soul. James Brown taught us this. You got Soul. What if somebody can take this away, if only for a second. How would our body react in this one second? Could it be the second that changes your life forever? Maybe. But if we can learn how to control the mind control. Then maybe we learn to fight that light when it flashes. The sounds are all around, when your body feels heated. One thing we always knew is the when fear arrives the body heats up for battle. If one goes into defense, its because the mind has went into a defensive mode. Then the body has no choice but to prepare for battle. So if something was to trigger the mind using a control technique. It will be possible for the body to react. Fear is a trigger. Fear is something all people have. We just respond differently from individual to individual. The thing I liked most is the lessen that was taught. Its okay to stand up and be a man. It is not okay to bully your opponent in any situation. The provoker is just as bad as the person who was provoked. Two sides to every coin. To learn the lessen is more important than to punish or discipline someone. A simple hand-shake will be enough. A apology. Lessen learned. When we take away, or demote an individual. There is no lessen to learn. Back to that one second of triggered input. This one second now becomes infinite in time. The Fear will never go away for all the people that were in the storm. The lessen will never be learned. It was not a gun. Rather a trigger delivered to mind. Subconsciously. Just like a guns trigger, but this trigger trips a circuit in the brain to make the body walk out into the tornado. The Hero dies every time. Carried away by the storm. Was it just FEAR? False Expectations Appearing Real. FEAR. Solution: Just wear tinted clear shades to reflect the light.

Aight? Back Stroking on the Lake.


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