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Feb 18, 2022

Where are we at?

Pizer Moderna ,and Johnson and Johnson all have released devastating stats on the (GT-Gene therapy). Releasing Disclosures just like the Hospitals always do. “If you die you cannot sue us.” sign right here please. Shots were just a DNA collection.(100% HOAX)

The Canadian Government has faked a Truckers Riot. They did this to show that the Government will not accept any resistance for there tyranny that they have implemented. Yes they are pushing a Digital I.D> Crashing the Economy. And taking all rights away from the citizens. This a Nazi-like movement. But we have a Bigger Problem!!!

Now What? The boarder!!! Its North and South for America. Canada and Mexico. Enough Said. Water is on the East and West. We have a superior Navy,  so the ships are blocking the Ports. All the cruise ships are being shut down with the fuel shortage… They cannot sail into the sea. The Planes will be grounded because of Fuel(Shortage).

Here is part FOUR… 5G with Electromagnetic Radiation to control the planes. Also can control mass crowds of people. This is a military weapons used like a bomb, with no explosion

Part 5 is the people starving out and killing everybody with crime and violence.(The Real Pandemic)

Part 6 -The the Global Economic Collapse- where they cut off the Money from banks, stocks ,and all values go to zero.(This is what they want us to believe). Really they are depopulating the planet.

6 steps that is happening right now.

7— Planet X is here!! That is the climate change. Planet X is 7-7-(7) times the face of the earth.. Doomsday… SpaceX was created to escape from earth. Escape from planet x. Nibiru … Its in the sky already. plain view. Just look at the SUN while its setting.(just point your Hubble at the SUN!! during sunset) The Planet system is on the other side of the sun. Yep. This is what its all about. This is what they are not telling the people. The people have been tagged non-essential(Left behind) they leaving us to die. They are collecting all the resources,DNA,DATA and building bunkers under the ground. Amazon just announced that BLM is no longer a charity. Its all coming out. The second coming. PLANET X. is here. They are running for the gates!!! They are just trying to get off earth. Taking all our DNA with them. The planet is scheduled for destruction. How LONG?

8. Step Eight is to Lie to everybody to keep structure and calmness. While they basically run for the planets to escape the 2ndSUN. They are all in for depopulation. Because they figure its not going to be enough resources left on earth to survive. Really that simple. They have the scientific data. The scientist have been murdered if they uttered one word. They do not want panic. If  300 billion people panic we will all die. This is no GAME to win.

When we say THEY– were saying the top 1% of food chain. Yes Look up to the sky. Its right there.!!! Why have they attacked the Vatican? Because the vatican has the evidence and the data. The Telescope!!! they know!! About PLANET X!! The Vatican has the high powered Scope. Why did they invest in a telescope? Because the scripture says all of this in the Bible. The pope is the pope because of the knowledge the Vatican has on history. The Hubble Telescope is NASA. And Nasa has landed on SATURN. Why do you think… They felt the need to travel all the way to Saturn? Question. Planet X. The Evil is nothing but the 1% ers moving towards escape.(running away) Mars will get destroyed with earth. The moon is not habitual.

There is no Escape. Just a matter of Time. Nothing we can do. This is a GAS Planet(X) A SUN. A Dwarf Star.  So more than likely it will gas the population with unknown gasses coming from this planet in the form of Flares like the sun produces. Causing everybody just to go bonkers. Destroy our power grid, all electronics. Happening Right Now!!! We need gas mask!! And to move Underground.

We need to pray.! If you are wondering why all this is going on. What is going on? Why its happening? Ask your self one question, have you looked up at the sky lately? In the direction of the SUN.

Planet X= (Nibiru) – [Which Nasa has not confirm existence] =dwarf star(red planet) 2013 2018,2023?(next sighting) I call it Planet X but Nibiru comes from Bible text. Every 3600 Years(complete orbit) we really do not know?  That means its has never been back since BC dates!! [ So maybe the Annunaki come back to destroy man kind every 3600yr?] The Annunaki was a larger species of Half Human/Reptile creatures that were believed to create Humans as slaves for production of Gold. The gold was used for repairs to Nibiru(or the Planets near by the SUN(2nd) Atmosphere. Now the Gold was in Egypt and the pyramids were built by the Annunaki to transport the Space Ship to carry Gold back to Nibiru.  The pyramids are in fact some sort of device or portal. They are aligned perfect with the stars.  We do not know how they were built. These are facts left to man kind from previous cavillations before us. Where are we at on the TimeLine? We do need to understand this TimeLine. If the Annunaki created humans. Then they absolutely understand how to control humans. Mythology is crazy. But this is all PLT8K.NET knows as of right now. In case you did not understand what a dwarf star is. Its a SUN. That means its just as powerful as our sun. And its has planets orbiting around it. The whole nine yards. Two SUNs could burn earth up completely. All weather events would not be survivable. Just that simple. The END of the World. Say what ever you please… but this is A Second SUN coming right towards Mother Earth. In our Solar System right NOW!

My myth is that the Annunaki are here on earth right now. We just cannot tell who they are. They look just like humans. I say its in the HEAD and NECK and EYES.  The eyes never lie. The neck is most visual clue of the Annunaki presence on earth. They can change. Myth.(could Meth be the weapon?) That will harm them. They will kill us. METH.

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Key References :

Malachi Martin – Third Secret of Fatima Click Here

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Relations 8: reference – wormwood. Pluto 2023- known as a destroyer. Capricorn. French Revolution. 2008. Huge bolt of lightning hit the Vatican. Crow and Sea Gull. / Astrologers / Equinox / Control coming to a end. / Air, Water, Food Supply being poisoned. / Mankind has been around for 10k plus years. / After 100k years everything would be decayed a gone from existence. / How long has mankind been on earth?/ Bronze Coin dated back 100k years Found/ Annunaki – in control of human race./ Return to earth-Annunaki/ pope is in charge of our inter galactic neighbors / Small 1% of people in control have more wealth than all the people on earth./ This would explain why? They might be the Annunaki.


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