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Feb 17, 2022

Can I do It? I did before. I can do it again. (Wisdom)

  We have to figure out what we cannot see. What we cannot understand. The Technology today is same as yesterday. Just a different box, a different package. Different wrapper. Different color. Why do we think it is so different? Nothing from nothing always equals nothing. I can go on and on etc. The airplanes are no different today. They all have two to four engines, a fuel cell. Flaps and wings. A pilot has to fly the plane. The computer can automate the controls. The Telsa will have to be driven at some point in time. Manually. Solo control. A Battery will only last for a given time. So what are you going to do when the battery goes dead? Does a flashlight shine forever? Solar power is okay until the sun goes down. If something blocks the sunlight. What are you going to do? Fossil Fuels are dependable. So why would we let a concept destroy knowledge that has already been proven?  Just to say that it will never happen? We hope that the sun shines forever. Why would l put all our chips on black at the table? When its not even a small chance that the ball will drop on black.(That means a GAMBLE) Think about this proven concept before you go buy a automated machine. Think if we had no power. That would place society back in the stone age. We can’t even make it one week with the power out today. What if another planet was to come block our sun? We have no fuel and no way to communicate with the battery that is perishable. Are we going to place all our chips in on the battery?(That means GAMBLE) When we know it will go dead quickly. That is like saying it will never happen.(That is a GAMBLE) The battery comes to you dead. Automated society is not a secure reasonable solution to survive on Mother Earth.(That is a GAMBLE) We can grow food. We can harvest water. We can light a fire. This is the basics to living. Food ,water, heat, and shelter. Have you thought about your skills lately. Those computer skills will not matter if this happens. You Business skills will not help you. Your Stocks will be useless. Your car, home, computer, and phone will be useless. What will you do?(GAMBLE) The time is coming. The planet is not safe from these things happening. It could happen right now. What if Ash collects in our atmosphere and blocks the sun? We Die. That is happening right now. Wake up. We need as much fuel as possible. We need all the oil. We need all the farmland. We need all the water we can get. This is no JOKE!!! You find out how much you do not know real real fast!! Do not pick on the truckers!(That is a GAMBLE) They bring your life to you everyday. Those truckers stop and your life goes away…. real real fast. If those ships do not start moving. real real real fast. We do not have time to play politician, king, queen, or ruler. We need a full Stop on this mess. Grown people Acting like children. Grow Up and face reality. Your money means nothing. We all will die at the same time. We all bleed red blood. Hello? Oh,” lets go blow everybody up”  that’s the ticket!! Real Real Smart… Your a mastermind!!! How hard was it to think that up? Great Plan.(Nope a GAMBLE) Somehow that does not seem very smart Afterall. We are trying to survive, so lets kill everybody. You is a DUMMY. I can’t follow a dumb person no matter who they are. OR HOW MUCH MONEY and POWER THE HAVE. you’ll be powerless so will all your followers.(So keep GAMBLING)


(If you have never done it before, You do not have the wisdom to do it NOW.)

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God Bless America! Remember the word proverbs 31:3/ The Word is not the same as your religion. Its solid as a rock. No Matter What We think our Faith Is.          O!!!! Dats Check Mate! mate. (This my thoughts through the divine powers that be in me. Thank You!)


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