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BMW is constantly moving the boundaries and setting new standards by releasing new services and updates for their vehicles. The famous car company is constantly improving its offer, releasing new features and options for BMW owners to make their driving experience as safe and comfortable as possible.

Along with the Uneven Road Surface warning feature, BMW has a fantastic innovation that BMW owners will surely appreciate – the Remote Engine Start feature. Many car owners dreamed about the day when it would be possible to remotely start the engine.

Well, BMW isn’t a leading brand among vehicle giants for nothing. People expect such a renowned company to set an example by driving innovation, and that’s exactly what BMW has been doing for so many years.

Remote engine start

The remote engine start option has been available in BMW vehicles for almost two years now. However, a feature that allows car owners to remotely precondition their vehicle temperature is now available as a completely new function on demand.

In other words, you can purchase this additional option via the ConnectedDrive Store for compatible, next-gen BMW vehicles that weren’t originally equipped with this function. To download and install the new feature, BMW owners need to purchase the Remote Software Upgrade. By doing so, they get access to this new feature.

The main goal is to make starting your vehicle more convenient, especially during frigid cold winters and hot summer days.

On the other hand, businessmen and company owners will also benefit from such a feature as it’s mainly designed for busy people on the go. It’s quite easy to use and allows the car owner to start the engine from their office or home with the push of a button.

What makes it really great is that you can precondition your vehicle’s interior according to your specific needs at the moment. Whether you want to turn on the heat or you need to cool your car interior with air conditioning, this feature allows you to take care of that in mere seconds.

Control your vehicle remotely

All you need to do to activate the new remote engine start feature is to press a button on the “My BMW” app and enjoy the results. The command will automatically start your BMW engine and adjust your vehicle’s interior temperature to a comfortable degree. You can also operate the new feature using the BMW Key fob.

To use the fob, simply click three times on the lock button. That’s where things get interesting. If you start the engine of your BMW remotely and something comes up, the engine will not run indefinitely. The smart technology will make it time out after a certain period and go into a standby mode until it completely turns off the engine to conserve both the environment and fuel.

If something happens at home or work and you are delayed, you won’t have to worry about your vehicle at all. The switch-off timer activates after 15 minutes and turns off your engine to conserve both fuel and your battery.

How to activate the new feature

To activate the new feature in your iDrive 7 or BMW X5 M vehicle, follow these steps:

  • Head to the home screen and open the CAR menu on the left-hand side
  • Select Settings and open the menu
  • Scroll to the Climate Control setting
  • Select Preconditioning/Ventilation function
  • Select Remote Engine Start from the menu
  • Check the box for Starting Engine for Climate Control and confirm your action

Useful driving tips for BMW owners

While your entire driving experience depends on the quality of your vehicle, developing safe and secure driving habits is equally important. According to the Barnes Firm attorneys, a group of car accident attorneys in San Diego, the majority of both minor and serious and often fatal accidents happen due to poor driving habits.

Since car accidents happen, doing everything you can to make your driving safer and more secure should be your highest priority. Here are some tips on how to stay safe on the road and keep your vehicle in excellent condition:

  • Go easy on the brakes – avoid just slamming on the brakes to prevent brake malfunction and prolong the life of your braking system.
  • Be mindful of the signs and turns – even though BMW takes pride in designing vehicles that can guarantee the highest levels of stability, reliability, and safety on the road, they’re not immune to unskilled drivers and their mistakes. That’s why we recommend avoiding speeding around a turn.
  • Accelerate steadily – a BMW is made to be fast, but frequent and quick acceleration will wear down your engine and the entire vehicle sooner than expected, and such a vehicle can become a liability.

Aside from your personal and the safety of others, these tips will also keep your car engine, suspension parts, brakes, and wheels in perfect shape.


As the leader of innovation among the biggest names in the vehicle industry, BMW is expected to deliver the best driving experience, safety, reliability, usability, and convenience.

The company does an awesome job of delivering the expected. If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle that will be enough to fulfill your basic and most avid driving needs, the latest selection from BMW has a lot of potential that you should look into.

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