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Alexodus the Greatest World in the Universe_The Fall of Law


Feb 4, 2022

Science Fiction Fridays

Alexodus The Greatest World in the Universe


A3 – The fall of the law

The times were changing. Joshua had create this V.R.-Virtual Reality World. Which people quickly adapted to. Josh had the number one Social Media platform before he transferred to V.R. The Virtual implementation was rather easy once the Fi-Stat was up and running. The days were endless. Like the late great Las Vegas were people came from all over the world to have a great weekend. The D.T.S (the Virus) was taking out world. It took Las Vegas out in one Weekend. The Social Media Site www.justfly.com was the name of Joshua’s mega V.R. site. People was lost. Lost in an imaginary V.R. world where everything from Employment to Entertainment and Night Life was all a room away. Imagine walking through a endless Mansion that had people who you could interact with just like real life. This was not real life. Joshua made it so people could never escape or turn the game off. Forcing people to be trapped in this Virtual World. Bill Yates invented this chip that would be implanted under skin. The Chip would connect to his server and he died before the experiment was completed. The technology must have been left to Joshua. Because Bill and Joshua were very close. Some say that Joshua was the son of Bill. Since the everybody died so sudden from D.T.S  it was unclear how Joshua really came into control of the Fi-Stat Super computer. Lurking was a Super Mad Scientist and his name was Justin. Justin had accomplished the technology which control your age. Life-Span unlimited INC. This was how Justin over powered the world. This Nano Technology was his life work. He not only was able to control Life Span, He was able to control the whole Life species. He broke the Genetic Code to Human Life and all animals of the world. Some say he was not from this world. The amazing part his this guy was that he seemed very nice and was polite to everybody. Kinda like a politician. He could mingle with anybody. Conversation was nothing. He some how found out that Joshua was building this massive super computer. Justin wanted the Fi-Stat! He approached Joshua in the V.R. but was unable to connect because of VIP restrictions. This made Justin angry and he wanted the whole Mega Site and was willing to destroy world to get Fi-Stat Fi-Stat had all the infrastructure that he needed to run his micro-chip. And Control Everybody in the World. A Super Mad Scientist. The worst of the worst. He would not turn water into wine. He would turn wine into water and then take the glass away with him. Like I said before you could not detect his evil because he had so much charm.. Everybody would just melt in his presence. People would follow him where ever he went. Well liked on many different levels. A mastermind like never before. Justin wanted Joshua Fi-Stat super computer. That was that. But like said before Justin could not get to Joshua because he was deep into the Virtual Reality Program. Justin knew nothing about Joshua world. So the jays both had control over the technology that was begin a to new world and the end of the new world all in two brains. Justin decided he had to abolish everything including the law of the land just so he could get Fi-Stat. This is the beginning of the Bio-cyber War. Justin started this war by blowing up the White House ending the Great United States of America. He made his way around the world until all nation were destroyed. Justin did not have control of the people yet. Joshua had control of people. Joshua was God and the control of Fi-Stat. So now its just Justin and Joshua ruling the world. Justin made life long and perfect. Joshua made life real through Fi-Stat (V.R.) But the end is coming. In the Year 2119.


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