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Alexodous The Greatest World in the Universe_ The Collapse


Jan 28, 2022

Science Fiction Fridays

The Collapse of the Old world.(unedited)

Chapter A1

The year 2019 Theirs a great plague over the land. The world is on notice. Nobody really cares as its business as usual. The Stock Market is booming!! Record profits and gains are reported. The lavish life styles of the Rich and famous are not just a TV program but a real life experience. It could not e a better time in the world. But the virus DTS has hit very quietly and parts of the world are getting sick. The virus shuts down the vascular system causing the blood vessels to shrink in the human brain. At first, its just a news report on the local news. The mass media is too busy talking about the life styles of the booming economy. War is nearly nonexistent. People are in incredible shape. Life spans are up to 115 years old. Middle age is about 65 years old. The was incredible advancement in the medical field the average family is about 7. People made a incredible amount of income, with no schooling at all. There was a chip implanted into everybody that automatically educated the children. Their life was pre-programmed base on what the individual was strong at. The last hospital was shut down in the year 2017. Everybody had perfect health. The human body had been totally conquered with a famous man named Justin. All Health products were patented by Justin INC. He was GOD. Justin was at the age of 165 and looked like he was 20 years old. A Perfect Human being. Justin had installed a superior micro chip that made him immortal. Nobody really knows how he continues to live. There was a report that he died in a airplane crash. But that data is long gone. Justin also conquered the world. Their was once a man named Bill Yates who was the richest person in the world. he died in 2010. But before he died he found this new technology. And it was suppose to change the world. Nobody signed off on his idea, so he completed his experiment on his self and and small pack of rats. One day in 2009 the experiment went bad, he became very ill. Soon he died from a strange virus. The data has been suppressed and collected from the once Government. Hidden. Cause of death. Heart Attack. This was the end of the Old World. The New world quickly started like over-night. The subways stopped, Fuel and all commerce  ended. Everybody in the world had to get a micro chip mandatory. Justin created this chip, or did he? They erased all the worlds population. Meaning executed like a cattle. The GAS Chamber was filled with 25k people at a time. Whole families dropped off the face of the earth. It was a bad time. All this happened in 2010. 175 billion people gone. Just like that. Nobody noticed that half the population was gone. It was Total psychosis- or mind control. 

Chapter A2

This is how it all happened. A  super A.I computer was built, but the inventor who ran the most popular social media site named Joshua. Joshua wanted a Virtual Reality [VR]- super social site. Josh believed in bringing  people together through a mass network of computers. he truly loved his craft. Josh did not want to hurt a fly. This network was very valuable and well built. The V.R.  was quickly taken from him by the US Government.  This is the back bone of  the new network called Fi-Stat.  Fi-Stat was combined with 3000 satellites which could project low level sound waves. These sound waves could not be heard by the human ear. What Fi-Stat did was bring people into large crowds  then gas was filled into certain spots where the masses were put to sleep like a lost puppy. The public did not know they were being killed. After everybody died Fi-Stat would go in with Bull dossers and clean up  as many as 500k people in less than 6 hours.Wiping out 175 billion people all over the world. By the end of 2010 half the population was gone.  So the remaining people left on earth primarily the youth. Many kids and young adults  were left without the family the remaining humans had to live in pods. Every and all the needs were provided. Ten years later the perfect world and the perfect human was complete.

A2 -To be Continued next Friday…..  PLT8K.NET


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