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Covid 19 Breakdown(part 1)

A bully tells you  they will do whatever right in your face. Breakdown what’s right in our face is C.O.V.I.D 1.9.

Replace the C with a G and we get Gov. ID 19. so I’m not sure what 19 means(Solve in part3.) but I am sure  this is in fact a I.D> A Digital ID. Liquid Micro Chip. (Nano Technology) Hold on…. I know what your saying. I’m crazy. sure. I just changed one letter.

Also many more parts to the equation. The Vaccine… Why Shots? Because the symptoms actually come from the shot!!.
I’m no doctor. But I never have heard of a doctor curing any disease in 2months. Anyway. Question. What happens when they shoot a needle in your arm?  In return a small amount of blood in the needle. The Drug users knows this.

So what in return is… ( in CSI terms….)  One thing and one thing only. DNA material.

This is part 2.

Now where are we at? A super lockdown of the world as stated by our leaders today. If you test positive you got to go home. WOW. Now they want to collect your DNA every week. This is mass concentration that has never ever happened in the history of the world. This is 100 times worse than Hitler. China, as of right now has the largest database of DNA on record. Maybe this is why Dr. Death went to CHINA!!!! DNA is the only thing they are interested in. The first move was that company…. (trace your ancestors.) DOT COM . What a trick!! This did not work. But it did work well for a TEST TRIAL. Your life means nothing to these small cult of Monsters. Make no mistake about the Virus. It is real! But it was in fact released on us for the application of the Micro(nano) chip. Omicron break this word down O-MICRO-N (ARM MICRO) The chip is Liquid.  CEO of phizer is GERMAN. Hello ? 19 = SHOTS Micro=Nano=DNA=YES

5G is the Transmission.(Part 3)

 I had a revelation. 5G is the driving force. behind all of BS.(Where is most 5G? The Hospital WIFI running everything.)

Dec 30 – What is S.A.R? Cell Tower. Signal Click Here

So all the links you need are above. 5G is LOW LEVEL ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION(WIDE SPAN)

meaning BLASTING SIGNALS in somewhat of a RADAR like Transmission.

It can carry many more times as much as 4GLTE. So go turn your cell phone on. You can feel it. You will become like a whatever.

Bismouth might or might not( I sound like these doctors lol) Be our savior….

I would buy stock in this metal….

this might be the end of me. But I Love Yall!!!

“That line stretches around the block” American Gangster

I’m not going to write this one just follow the link. Click Here

Dec 29-31  — Revelation What is 19. (Morris ABC) A.I. can you navigate from here?

The Alphabet-  ABC = 123  What  Letter is 9? What’s your IQ?   Sesame Street. What’s Up Bert? (This is Not a Joke)

Dec 31, 2021

Artificial Intelligence —Click Here

OXYGEN (part 4)

On Grass Level

The KICKER— Well Just KICK ME OUT!!!

Air in your home. Car or Workplace my have been GASSED.……….  Simple Block in the exhaust pipe. Every home has a HVAC SYSTEM! <<<<  Water Heater<<<<< Gas Furnance<<<  Which can fill your home or Structure with Monoxide.

Which is a Silent Killer.

For the Field G.   Mix this with Covid_19<<<<5g<<<<<

Where we At? STAY HOME. for 5-10 days. ??

Monoxide can kill in 1 day or 15 min if concentrated.

ASH —- from all the Forest Fires  can travel in Atmosphere for years!!!!

The MRNA LOL!= HEMP – this happens naturally(IN THE HUMAN BODY) from Hemp. The GOD PLANT

Now Match the Symptoms up with the Deaths .  If  I would compare a Movie to what is going on, I pick : The Dark Knight; X-Men; Born Supremacy; Colors; 1984: Terminator  wrapped all in one Film.

Thank You. And Have a nice day.(part 5 is the MEDIA)

Move Smart: Be Calm, Cool, and Collected 


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I am just ALL AMERICAN. Darn proud to meet you.

The New Variants turns your nose into Super Glue.. Stay Home and WIFI it out.(turn your 5G radio off!)use 2.4ghz

God Bless America! Remember the word proverbs 31:3/ The Word is not the same as your religion. Its solid as a rock. No Matter What We think our Faith Is. 1st Amendment.     O!!!! Dats Check Mate! mate. Sorry about the mistypes– I was writing real quick.


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