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Alexodus_The Greatest World In The Universe


Jan 21, 2022


I have to take a Break from this circus.
What I decided to do was talk about a make believe world. A World inside the Earth. Where you can be who you want to be without silly laws that under mind your personal choices. A World where you can fly and live along side of Aliens from other worlds. Where there are half animal and half human characters humans. More than virtual or Meta.This is a real world. In fact it is super technical with the wonders from other galaxies mixed in to today’s world. A world where kids and the offspring are preprogrammed to be wonderfully wonderful. Better than Never Never Land and Alice and the Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory all rolled into one chocolate bar. Willy Wonka says Hi!! 2pac  A world where Jesus is multiplied in everybody. Magic is real and the Grand Wizard of oz has a home.Dorthy and the wicked wicked witches are around the block on every block. A world where you never die. A world where you do not own houses rather you own whole cities. I took all the bad stuff happening on the surface of today’s world and flipped into a all good  perfect world. Like Microsoft Surface the computer. Flipped to Microsoft Surface the Underworld. The Drones are not airplanes but Robotic Human like people. Where the oceans are crystal clear. Beaches like the Floridian plus the Amazon Rain Forest. Dogs and Cats can talk and speak a language. Mountains twice the size of Mt Everest. Streets really paved of gold. Your Telsa is every car but and it flies with no engines. Where there is no reason the govern the entities. A place like no place in the Universe. There is no pollution. and no locks on your doors because there are no thieves and no need for money. If you want something all you have to do is think about it. Then it appears. The Greatest Heaven you could think of times Infinite. But not everybody can enter this world. You have to be chosen by the GODS not GOD.The GODS.  The controllers of Faith and Destiny. These controllers says
Time does not exist. Jobs do not exist. Only a list of the greatest people to ever live on the surface, on the top where there are many wars and pain. Suffering and destruction. No will to live. And Judgement on every level seeks to end your ticket to the UNDERWORLD. Prisons are built to contain people like animals. Until your neighbor finally breaks through your gate only to eat you. Starvation is the only normal. And Everyday  could be the end of your ticket to the Greatest World Ever known to man. Ready to go down to the Underground? Have your tickets ready because without this ticket. You parish on the Surface where life is only an allusion. People kill, steal, and destroy on the top land just to get to the promise land. WILL YOUR TICKET BE ACCEPTED? There is no Master Card or Visa. No stocks No Bonds. All you need is a Stamp of approval from the GODS. Approved.
Welcome to Alexodus The Greatest World in the Universe.



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