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Dec 2021

Today is as bad as any day on record. Remember back in the 1980’s when crack hit? Prices went up to pay for something. Oil Companies posting records gains in 2021 despite a pandemic and a Global collapse in the Economy. The borders are over run. The Police are stepping down. The Military are giving out jabs instead of protecting our border. Fentanyl is blasting through cities faster than people can find a mask to buy. If we go by what the data says, the Pandemic has not even started yet. I predict that everything will start by spring. The 1st quarter has a bubble so big that even the best economist will run for the X and the Rocket ships. This is what’s happening. Inflation has begun which inflates the bubble. Question, where is all the Billions and Trillions of dollars going?  Pandemic 2022.  My thoughts are Separation and divisions are more transparent than ever. The bucks are flowing just not on the paycheck. No fault to Mr. President. He is the Commander and Chief. Not a Law Maker. The laws are made by the House and Senate. The change can not come from the White House. The borders are his problem. The Vaccines are in the States hands. Your Governors and down the line have stalled. The CDC does not run the Country. Trump and Biden are not responsible. The Division is in the States. They have done nothing. Hello. The private sector is making money according to the Stock Market. Meanwhile America and the World are going crazy. Bananas stuffed in the tail pipes. Guess we have to buy a 60k dollar battery to drive.

“press hard; three copies. Thank You.”

Okay I found a old text book from college and opened it up. Low and behold it was talking about Race and Income. So I will quote this.


Jan 13,2022- This was the year my little man was born. Also the country was in a SEMI RECESSION. The typical family between 1978 – 1988 was growing wealth on the Top while on the bottom families were losing wealth and not even getting to the bank. The recession was transitory-[not permanent] It was a “deliberate , bipartisan policy of temporarily raising unemployment in order to reduce inflation.” The more appropriate comparison is with a time of more [NORMAL] unemployment, which puts us back to 1979. When one does this, the growth in inequality is startling. The Gap is 21% increase on top to a 12%[33% Gap] decrease on bottom. Fast forward to 2022 and we have a exact duplicate of 1980. Ronald Regan is still running our country. 31 Trillion bucks have changed hands and we are back to the 1980’s. When the rich get richer and the poor do not get a darn thing.  So most companies pay you 1000 bucks a week. Why not 6000? because the [a-count (ant)s- is the control of the worker ant ] accounts have weaved out a philosophy which says 1000 bucks means nothing to someone who makes six figures as a income. In other words they suck the blood right out of the workers spirt. It never makes it to the workers pocket book. [Trickle Down Economics] This text book was called The Social Outlook author Reid Luhman and The Income Disparity was written by Paul Krugman. So what this implies is that they have no plans to help anybody. This  is the model that they are using as of  Tomorrow. Fighting for Voting rights in 2022 is the same irony that says we are back to racism, segregation and inequality from the 1960’s. Wake America.  Is this not where we are at? The PLT8k  SSE[Stupid Smart Economics]  If you use simple Algebra. The equations goes like this [ If they gain 21% and the people lose 12% that yield transforms into a 33%. Then they take 66% in taxes. then add 12% loss to the 66% equals 88% subtract 100% from 88% and we get 12% . Total income for the year.(for the worker ant) The models suggest that if they raise the taxes 12% (the worker ant) gets zero income for the year. They gain 100% in wealth. ] This is not prosperity for the common worker. Meaning there will be in a infinite cloud of debt. That is the cloud(climate change) they are talking about. So my question Today is. Are we moving forward or backward?

My Brain Fart to solve this: 1. Vision- We have to see the Equation.  2. Negative Eight Eight is Zero. Now PLT8k has a complete plan for the disparity. If look at a triangle with three points. We assign a value of wealth to each three points. (What do we call it?) a equation. ABC. (Silver, GOLD, and Land.)  What we can do is place a Value of (SGL) Silver, Gold, and Property.(Land) And we can call it Triple Treaty Asset. The cost will be like the new retirement plan. Social Security. Now we get it from the individual (a)Pay. Banks(b) will pay small amount monthly. The Government(c) will pay small amount in the form of (SGL)Now the trick is the Individual can gain credit for accruing gain from time and work and pay. This credit can go towards Simple Interest loans.(Assets in Land) But the Individual cannot spend the money in cash. But Gains wealth and Security from this Formula.  The Government Holds all the Assets but the Value of in Individual rises every year. The Stocks gain from SGL which doubles as investors buy stock. The Incentive is to buy the SGL…..  The Banks gain stock in (SGL)  Government gets to keep all the money. The Individual gets credit in return. We have to start from -88% that the top 1%earners have been gaining.  There is the Money BALL!!!! Eight Ball corner pocket.  (Thats my Brain FART)  WIN WIN WIN. Did I do Good? NOW 1980 is laid to rest…. We Out!

Krugman suggest that spreading money on poor people will provide them with more money temporarily but will not cure their poverty. HOW does he connect this assertion with declining productivity in American society? (THUS is HAPENING in 2022) (P.311)

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