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  • Stretched her legs a little today

Stretched her legs a little today

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Traded in my ‘09 R1200R for this beauty…I’m in love

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Juggling Financial Stress And Caregiving, Parents Are ‘Very Not OK’ In The Pandemic

; Credit: /Nicole Xu for NPR Rhitu Chatterjee | NPR Back in early spring, Khristan Yates worked as a quality assurance analyst at a marketing company and loved her job.…

Census End Remains Uncertain After Judge Calls New Schedule ‘A Violation’

A sign on the back of a truck promotes 2020 census participation in Reading, Pa. A day after the Census Bureau announced a new “target date” for ending counting efforts,…

Singer Helen Reddy, known for ‘I Am Woman,’ dies at 78 in Los Angeles

Australian singer Helen Reddy, best known for the feminist anthem “I Am Woman,” has died at age 78 in Los Angeles.

Presidential debate fact check: Claims from President Trump, Joe Biden’s first debate

President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden sparred Tuesday in their first of three debates, hoping to sway undecided voters.

Boy killed, another injured in Westlake Village crash

A person has been detained after a young pedestrian was killed and another injured in a crash in Westlake Village, authorities say.

What is Prop 25? California to vote on eliminating cash bail system

Proposition 25 is a referendum on a law to replace the state’s cash bail system with risk assessments instead.

What is Prop 21? Initiative would allow cities to enact more rent control

Californians will be asked whether cities should be allowed to introduce new rent control laws when they vote on Proposition 21.

I see all the R18s and one of these comes to mind.

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